March 22, 2016

Our Wines

At Blueberry Hill Estates, the insistence upon only the best for our wines begins in the field, where they are bathed in Southwestern Ontario sunshine and only the highest quality is utilized. Winemaker Nick Vranckx continues this vision during the winemaking process and lets the fruit express its true character with minimal intervention in the cellar. Each sip of our grape and fruit wines are meant to be savoured. Whether that’s on the back deck, sipping a pint of cider while grilling dinner or pouring your new favourite red for friends — our wine is more than what is in the bottle, it’s about the experience it creates.

Visit our winery retail store to shop through our products and preserves. We offer a tasting experience for our guests, mix and match any three 1 oz samples of our various products for $5 or individual 1 oz pours for $2 each. Groups of over 8 people are asked to call (519.586.2256) or email to reserve a tasting table.

White Grape Wines

Front Road Cellars 2016 White A lovely, off-dry and fruity wine that combines two grapes that thrive in our Southwestern Ontario climate — riesling and vidal. Look for notes of pear, lemon-lime and honeycomb. It is wonderfully fresh, with white flower and peach flavours on the palate. Taut and juicy with a lingering finish. $15.95/750 ml

Front Road Cellars 2016 Riesling This traditional Germanic style of riesling was fermented and aged in old, neutral oak barrels, which softens the edges and adds complexity. Dry with notes of citrus, floral and honey, this white will continue to evolve as it ages. $19.99/750 ml

Red Grape Wines

Front Road Cellars 2016 Red Our house red is medium-bodied, with some refreshing acidity and medium tannins. Black berry and cherry lead the ripe fruit notes on the palate. There’s hints of smoke, earth and baking spice throughout the lingering finish. An approachable and easy-going red for all occasions. $17.50/750 ml

Front Road Cellars 2016 Pinot Noir Our pinot noir is light-medium bodied and crafted in an old-world style. Pale ruby in colour, red fruit and dried flower aromas abound on the nose. The palate is dry and earthy, with notes of tart cherry, raspberry and toasted oak. There are some light, grippy tannins and lively acidity. An elegant take on this expressive grape variety. $19.99/750 ml

Front Road Cellars 2016 Cabernet Franc This cab franc has the rich fruit flavours and body you desire in your favourite red — without being over the top. A smooth wine, with ripe berry and spice notes and medium tannins, the food pairing possibilities are endless with this delicious wine. $19.99/750 ml

Fruit Wines

2016 Blueberry This is a fruit wine in disguise. It surprises a lot of folks who expect it to be super sweet — it actually drinks much more like a light-bodied red, with pepper and baking spice notes from over a year spent in older use oak barrels. $15.35/750 ml

2016 Cranberry-Blueberry This refreshing wine is the perfect balance of blueberry sweetness and the bright acidity that cranberries are known for. It’s bright and vibrant in colour and flavour and beautifully fragrant. This blend definitely celebrates the humble cranberry and brings it out from the holiday season to enjoy all year round.  $16.95/750 ml

2016 Raspberry-Blueberry  This wine is a fan favourite for a very good reason! It’s off-dry in style and the fruitiness definitely appeals to a crowd. A tart edge makes this a rich, jammy experience without being cloyingly sweet. Add to that its stunning aromatics and you’ll begin to understand why this wine never lasts long on our shelves. $18.95/750 ml

Bramble & Vine This lightly sparkling wine is a blend of vidal grapes and fruity blackberry. It’s semi-sweet, with honey, peach and white floral notes. The refreshing finish cleanses the palate and makes you crave another sip of this pretty wine. Complex and interesting, many are quick to appreciate its quirky personality. COMING SUMMER 2018

2016 Iced Blueberry This concentrated sweet wine is packed with just-picked flavours. A lush texture and tart acidity balance out the residual sweetness. Enjoy as dessert or add a splash to sparkling wine! $24.95/375 ml COMING LATE SPRING 2018


Dry Spy This Spanish-style sidra is totally unique. It is unfiltered, to preserve is bright yellow colour and Northern Spy apple flavours, and a still cider – no bubbles here! This means you can enjoy it’s tasty baking spice and baked apple flavours without interruption. $23.80/4-pack of 500 ml bottles

The Fighter Cider It’s blueberry vs. blackberry battling it out in our premiere cider. Dry with lively fruit notes and a refreshing Norfolk County apple base, it’s a real knock out! $15.80/4-pack of 331 ml bottles

Old Grizzly Reserve Fresh apples with a twist! This cider was fermented in an old Chardonnay barrel, so there’s layers of baking spice, vanilla and toast. It’s complex flavours and lingering finish leave you wanting more of this tasty dry reserve cider. $13.95/750 ml

Lakeside Hard Cider Summertime in a glass! This easy-drinking cider is full of fresh apple flavour. It’s off-dry in style, with zippy spice notes and nicely balanced sweetness. An easy-drinking cider to please even the toughest of critics. $23.80/4-pack of 500 ml bottles COMING SUMMER 2018